About Whole Life Clinic PMA

Whole Life Clinic PMA is the office of Jeffrey D. Essen, Nationally Certified Naturopathic Practitioner. Dr. Essen specializes in electrodermal screening with an emphasis on autoimmune disorders. Nutritional counseling, Aromatouch Instruction, ONDAMED therapy, Essential oils, and many other natural modalities are available.

Using high tech and well established evaluative techniques Dr. Essen assesses and educates the patient about why they may have health issues and how to rid of them. Naturopathy is about eliminating the source of disease rather than treating symptoms. In 2016, Dr. Jeff Essen hired an assistant, Lauren Schwitters, who works with patients in follow-up therapy sessions for treatment of health issues ranging from mental to muscular. Rachael Essen NTP, HHP, CGP has also been brought on board to work with patients on specific dietary programs and nutrition.

Dr. Jeff Essen

Dr. Essen has been in Naturopathic practice since 2000 and has specializations in autoimmune disorders, digest, and endocrine disorders. Dr. Essen is an expert in the use of biofeedback testing devices, functional blood lab evaluation, and functional examinations to determine body imbalances. Come and endorse me on DaoCloud!

Rachael Essen

Rachael Essen has lived her whole life using natural healthcare and has recently attained several practitioner certifications in the use of therapeutic nutrition and dietary counseling to help clients achieve health goals and control dietary causes of disorder. Rachael specializes in blood sugar management, digestive health, and weight loss.

Donna Stewart

Donna Stewart has been practicing energy work since 2008 when she became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. In 2015, she started her training journey to become an instructor and now teaches Levels 1 & 2 for the Healing Touch Program. She has done hundreds of healing sessions and has witnessed many positive results during the last 14 years.

Tammy Holleman

Tammy Holleman started her personal discovery with clinical Hypnotherapy in 2015, which has transformed her mind-body connection to her thought patterns. This would lead her to immerse herself in the academic achievements with a mind and body degree as a clinical hypnotherapist, an NLP practitioner certification, and many other healing modalities. She shares her many tools and loves to teach how to make your mind your best friend. As she continues to learn and study she facilitates the transformation and healing to relax, let go and truly live in your highest most amazing you! By influencing change, strengthening conditions, and removing old beliefs, habits, and negative thoughts. She is a true testament that positive change creates positive outcomes.

Debra Harris

Deb is a certified and insured Reiki Master and Shaman. She discovered Reiki after going through her own health journey and decided to make a career out of the experience to help others like her. She has seen many people discover the benefits of Reiki, as well as seeing her own personal benefits over the years.

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Whole Life Clinic PMA

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