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For most people, you will be booking either an AO Scan appointment or Electrodermal Screening appointment for your first appointment, as those are our evaluation machines. For booking an AO Scan appointment, you will have to book 2 appointments for the same time, the “Jeff Essen AO Scan time block” and the “AO Scanner” appointments are the 2 appointments to select. This will ensure both Dr. Essen’s and the AO machine’s times are booked for you, as we have them on separate schedules. It’s usually best to book the “Jeff Essen AO scan time block” first, as Dr. Essen’s schedule can vary from the AO machine’s schedule. For Electrodermal Screening, you only need to book the one Electrodermal Screening appointment. If you would like to ask Dr. Essen any questions before you come in for an evaluation, then you can book the Phone Consultation appointment first. If you have any questions or have trouble booking an appointment, you can contact Rachael at the front desk at (952)891-3019, or

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