Laboratory Tests


A wide variety of blood, saliva, urine, and hair sample testing is available through Whole Life Clinic. We have the ability to test for virtually any health issue and an interpretation by Dr. Essen of these lab results reveal the deeper understanding of what the numbers mean. Whole Life Clinic works with multiple different companies for the wide variety of tests available.

Lab Test Options

DirectlabsDirectlabs offers metabolic panels and other clinical labs.


Igenex provides lab tests for Lyme’s Disease and other infections. igenex logo


spectracell logo Spectracell has the tests for the following: micronutrient, MTHFR, Complete Lipid Panel, Telomere, and clotting factors


ZRT Labs supplies salivary and urine hormone testing. Trace Elements lab for hair mineral, toxin testing, and drinking water testing.zrt logo


cyrex lab logoFinally, Cyrex labs offer gold standard autoimmune and gluten sensitivity testing.



Lab results can be reviewed with Dr. Essen by scheduling a 30-minute appointment at $60. Schedule an appointment by phone, video (Skype or Zoom), or an in office visit.

Lab Test Pricing

Lab Test Price

SpectraCell Laboratories Price List

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