The most diverse and crucial system to support every cell in the body, inflammation & degeneration in the cardiovascular system is the #1 source of death & disease in the Western world.  Indications of CVD are present long before the actual disease occurs, and may people ignore these early warning signs.  Symptoms such as blood pressure (high or low), arrythmia, angina, fatigue, and many more are often dismissed until it is too late.  Dr. Essen can investigate the circulatory system and check for signs of CVD and develop prevention programs to avoid issues later.  The AO Scan, EDS, and a cardiovascular blood test can all be useful in checking this out.

Pain is the universal signal to pay attention to your body.  If your chest hurts, then you are invited to take a better look at your cardiovascular health.  If your knees or hips are arthritic, why is the cartilage wearing out faster than it should? Any pain is a springboard to investigate the cause.  Sometimes it is due to injury and the answer is easy, but most pain comes from metabolic dysfunction and should be evaluated by the AO Scan or EDS to determine the source.  The FSM, True Rife, the BioTuner, and Healing Touch are also very good adjunct therapies to help with pain issues.

Of course the food we eat is the most abundant and most dynamic influence on our health.  Food can be your greatest ally, or the source of disease.  Guidance on what food is healthy and nutritious and also learning to steer clear of certain foods is a lifelong journey for each of us.  Allergy testing in the traditional health model is dubious and inaccurate, using the AO Scan, EDS, the Coca Pulse Test, and Cyrex Labs tests are all ways to look at food for benefit or to avoid harm.

Stress is the real epidemic.  Everything in our perception that indicates a potential threat to us is regarded as “stress”.  For many, smaller and seemingly inconsequential things are becoming increasingly reacted to as if they are a real threat.  Watching television, playing video games, an angry conversation, slow traffic, finances, can all be perceived as actual danger.  With many people experiencing PTSD and other stress syndromes, using the AO Scan or EDS can start to locate the source of stress, many time being a problem in digestion or infection.  Natural medicine has an abundance of highly effective stress relieving remedies and techniques such as Healing Touch, Symphony of the Cells, and the BioTuner can all be great tools for letting all that built up tension go.

The most variable system we have, hormones interact with blood sugar, nervous system, immune system, allergies, and stress.  With so many factors pulling the hormones in different directions, balancing endocrine reactions can be a real challenge.  We most often see adrenal and thyroid issues, but they are never isolated to just those glands.  The AO Scan and the EDS can gather a huge amount of information about the hormones, and if desired, salivary/ blood spot lab tests can shed extra light on actual levels of hormone in the system.

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