Looking for a New Year’s Resolution?

Start Dropping Those Holiday Pounds!

  • If you are looking to lose weight in 2017, look no further! Rachael Essen NTP, HHP, and soon to be CGP is holding a New Year’s weight loss program for 45% off retail value!
  • This includes: 3 months of product from dotERRA, Biotics Research, and Ancient Nutrition that will all work to help you lose weight naturally. Also included is 1 appointment during each of the 3 months with Rachael.
  • Free Webinars will be offered 1-3 times a week throughout this program.

A total retail value of $1,653, for only $755!

  • Are you looking for extra motivation? Rachael will be working through the program as well. And if after the 3 month program you beat her weight loss, you will receive a free Nutritional Therapy session with her.
  • Going through this program will not only help with weight loss, Nutritional Therapy also helps with digestive issues, loss of energy and mental focus, and pain/inflammation management.

Contact the Whole Life Clinic today if interested!