TrueRife Frequency Device

Rife frequencies are named for Royal Rife, a scientist who lived in th4e latter part of the 1800s through the early 19th century. His original claim to fame was the manufacture of microscopes that were so high powered that living viruses were visible, a feat not replicated until an electronic microscope did it in 1974. During the refinement of the microscope usage, Rife noticed the organisms under the magnification reacted to varieties of electronic signals such as lights, radio, and frequency output from other devices. Rife then took it to the next level, finding that if you were able to broadcast a specific hertz frequency, one type of organism would dissolve or implode. After extensive research and experimentation, Rife was able to categorize each bacteria, virus, parasite, and fungus by their corresponding frequency.

With this knowledge in hand, Rife then was able to consistently demonstrate the ability to kill microbes by broadcasting the exact match of frequency to microbe. The result has been compared to the singer who can shatter a glass by singing a particular note. This happens by creating a waveform that disrupts and fractures molecular bonds. TrueRife continues in the tradition of Royal Rife and has a unique and professional grade ability to broadcast at a much higher and broader frequency range than those Rife devices that are run through a standard sound card in today’s laptops.
TrueRife frequencies are tested by Dr. Essen with the Vital System electrodermal screening for precise needs and deeper understanding of how to use the TrueRife device to aids in your healing process.