Nutritional Therapy

Why Nutrition is Important

Often times our health issues stem from bad dietary habits and nutrition. We offer nutritional consultations for all types of dietary needs.  Modern day society is filled with a multitude of health problems. Many of these are direct results of the high amounts of sugar, processed foods, and other additives in our diets. Poor nutrition affects the body at a physiological level and our bodies weaken over time without the proper diet. There is no diet in existence that is good for every person out there, every body is different and has different needs.

Scheduling a nutritional appointment will allow for a one on one meeting with one of our trained nutritional therapists. They’ll help to determine what nutritional imbalances have an effect on you and how to change your diet in order to help fix them. A nutritional therapist teaches the importance of properly prepared whole foods that are delicious, nourish our bodies, and restore good health. Our nutritional therapists will work with you to find the proper nutrition guidelines for balance and healing enhancement.

Appointment Information

Both Dr. Essen and Rachael have recently graduated from a nutritional therapy program. Schedule a 90-minute nutritional therapy appointment with Dr. Essen or Rachael Essen at a rate of $120.