Neuroacoustic Bio-Tuner therapy device with zero gravity chair

Neuroacoustic Bio-Tuner Therapy

May 2021, Whole Life Clinic introduces the Neuroacoustic Bio-Tuner therapy device developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. As seen in the “Heal” documentary, the bio-tuner uses sound & vibration to access brain responses and measures those responses with Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is the gold standard test for determining sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system imbalances as measured in the heart rhythm. This process is able to determine the patient’s zero stress state while switching from sympathetic to parasympathetic during a frequency sweep. That zero stress frequency for the skin is then calculated for the bones, joints & connective tissue, muscles, and body fluids to create a harmonic that is then played as a therapy sound and vibration experience in a specially designed chair. This 30 minute therapy also includes individually calculated binaural beats, a way of enhancing right/left hemisphere brain communication, well documented to improve brain performance. Combined with nature sounds that allow the brain to calm, the entire harmonic is recorded for 30 minutes and downloaded on to a media player for the patient to use at home to continue and reinforce the zero-stress state. With repetition, the sound programs have been shown to improve brain performance, slow stress, improve sleep, and reduce pain.

Eight programs are designed to bring a patient out of long-term stressors, traumas, mental fatigue, and physical disorder by using the brain to address problems both within and without. Long-term use has demonstrated the brain’s ability to be your “Inner Physician”. The first 3 sessions deal with the Delta brain wave, the physical repair state that happens during sleep. Then theta, the dream state that heals emotional issues moving into Alpha, which is about mental processes. Then 2 programs work on the Default Mode Network (DMN), a set of 4 interconnected areas of the brain that have to do with perception of the past & future and inner perception of ourselves, and outer perception of the world around us. Confusion within the DMN can lead to many varieties of problematic issues in the brain and is the first area associated with the decline of the brain into Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

To finish off the 8 session series, the Gamma brain wave is then enhanced to be an interconnected network for the whole brain and all of the brain waves. It is similar to a wireless network for many computers, each interlinked yet independent in function. Gamma ties all this together. Gamma is what is missing in most autism spectrum disorders, where it plays the major role in picking up social cues, appropriate interaction, cultural norms, and even things like understanding the rules for driving a car while riding in the back seat as a child. So much of what we implicitly know how to do can be attributed to our Gamma wave learning during our first 4 years of life.

At the end of 8 sessions, a personalized library of frequencies has been recorded and stored in the media player, available for continuous use and development of brain performance and whole-body integration. Additional programs are available for expanded consciousness and brain performance as well.